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  • Summer is here!

    So, Shoreham Airport and the Burgess Hill Open Studios are upon us (i.e. me). The last few weeks have been so hectic with moving house, getting my essay in AND setting up two exhibitions!

    I am very proud of how Artscape has turned out. It looks a lot more professional and streamlined this year. No hazardous screens! Not that children take much notice. A child scaled one on Saturday I almost had a heart attack!

    We had the preview evening meet and greet on Saturday night, and all the artists attended. There was a queue for the card machine! And! I sold a painting :D of my Bunnies.

    I began drawing dogs on Saturday and started with a King Charles Spaniel and completed a Jack Russell today.

    This afternoon I went to The Cherry Tree to do my bit for the Open Studios but it was a lot quiter than Shoreham. However on Tuesday myself and artist Melanie Hodge will be holding our animal drawing workshop. I'm looking forward to it. We've got a lesson plan and I've prepared photographs I've taken of animals. I'll have to jump in feet first, the only bad thing that can happen is that I realise I can't teach.

    I'm more nervous about the school workshop on Wednesday morning. If it goes well though I'll be able to do more and it will open up a new route for me.

    I'm still really keen on illustrating and met someone this weekend that might mean a project to work on. Watch this space.......

    Onwards and upwards!