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  • Plans for 2014

    I feel it's now time for my annual / bi-annual update on how things are going. I still haven't quite got the hang of regular blog posting but I am starting to use Twitter a little more (@projectlumino). Although it feels more like a platform for me to bug / compliment "famous" people and get excited when they Tweet back.

    So far 2014 has gotten off to a good start. I've signed up to a demonstration agency called Art Profile and I have a demostration booked through them aleady. Hopefully 2015 will see regular demonstrations. At the beginning of the year I visited Hellingly Primary School in East Sussex and taught the Year 4,5 and 6. I was absolutely exhausted after but it was very fulfilling. I loved the paintings they did, all so unique.

    Next week I am visiting another primary school in Crawley and taking on three more classes. I visited there last year so it's really nice to be asked back and I have more of an idea of what to say and do now. It's also great to be earning some money from teaching my art as making money at exhibitions is very hit and miss.

    I've started demonstrating my art on Youtube. I figured out how to set up my Nikon on a tripod to film from above. I have to crouch under the tripod and my camera only has 20m filming time but I manage it just about! My aim is to do one every couple of weeks and build up the animal tutorials. It does take a very long time to do, almost 6 hours for a <10minute video, but will be worth it.

    I have a few exhibitions planned for the year. I am taking part in the MS Society Secret Exhibition in June. I am very grateful to be taking part as it is raising money for such a good cause. My best friend was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago, so any research that can be done to improve the lives of those affected is worth it.

    There are the usual art club exhibtions from the Adventurers and the Weald and I always look forward to being a part of those. It's also nice if I get a mention in the paper too! There are a few more exhibtions that I need to register for too.

    Another project of mine at the moment is the reinvention of the Burgess Hill Open Studios. After the organisers moved away it was passed on to the very few artists who wished to stay around. Most of the artists from previous years dropped out and we found ourselves with a handful of artists who didn't have a house to "open". So instead, with a lot of thanks to the Age UK Cherry Tree Centre in Burgess Hill we have an exhibition planned for June 2014. We are now called Burgess Hill Artists and I have taken the website under my wing. Fingers crossed we can get lots of local artists involved to make the exhibition a success. The committee has a number of experienced and enthusiastic organisers so it is getting off to a good start.

    I took a visit to London Zoo in January with my new Nikon Lens. I finally got a good giraffe photo. Last time I visited they were hiding in the dark. I plan to do two large acrylic canvases, one of the giraffe and another close up of a gorillas portrait.