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  • Hello Art, I'm free!!

    So in the last blog post - I joked about my bi annual blog post. In the past I have been utterly useless at keeping up with blog posts and now I have more time I vow to at least keep the blog posts monthly. Why do I have more time? Well after 6 years of studying with The Open University I did my final exam for my Psychology BSc Hons on the 1st June. Up until the last two modules I was able to manage my art alongside my studying (and full time work!) but I had to really concentrate, which is why I've been a little quieter on the art front 2015 / 2016. I've missed it soo much!! If I can't do art, I get frustrated. It keeps me grounded. It will take some time getting used to, not having a deadline to meet, already I feel overwhelmed with all of the creative possibilities. I want to do everything! But realistically, whilst I'm still working full time I can't. So my main priorities right now:

    - Update my website and put my art up for sale on here

    - Get my live streaming set up on Twitch

    - PAINT

    So number two on the list - Twitch! I've decided to start streaming my art live on Twitch. I think it will be a great way to help me connect with everyone whilst I do my art, so you can see me create a piece from scratch, chat and maybe even learn something. I got the idea from my gaming. Playing video games is another hobby of mine which has been neglected. So for post degree treat I bought myself a PS4, because you can share live gameplay on Twitch, I then checked out Twitch. I then came across the Creative section of Twitch and the light bulb went off. I've already filmed myself doing art for the time lapse videos but I really like the idea of just switching on when I create and for the creative process to be shared. I've got myself a Logitech c920 web cam (another post-degree splurge) and completely rearranged my room to set it up. I'm using OBS to broadcast. There are a few issues with being a Mac user but nothing too much to overcome. This is my current set up:

    I also sold my lovely cat painting seen in the picture, it is going to a great home. The painting is of my artist friend Melanie Hodge's Studio Cat Loki, he's gorgeous and so playful.

    I'm also a little nervous about Saturday because for the first time in a year I will be presenting a work shop for the Burgess Hill Summer Festival. It will be based at the Woolpack Pub in Burgess Hill, where my art is being shown with the other Burgess Hill Artists ( The theme is "Painting by the Pond" because the pub has a lovely pond with ducks in. My main concerns are that it's outside (I don't trust British weather!), I don't know how many people are going to turn up until the day and I'm not 100% sure how we're all going to paint...but I'm sure it will be a fun day and I will report back. It will be great to engage with people again and hopefully I can teach them something :)

    That's it for now but watch this space!